Late Roman Fortification


Balatoni Museum

03 10 2009 – 31 05 2010

Keszthely-Fenékpuszta in the mirror of millennia

A great exhibition was opened in the Balatoni Museum in 2009, and it provides the basis for further exhibition venues which display only a selection of the artefacts. We emphasize the presentation of the 4th-9th century assemblages.
The exhibition in Keszthely presented the results of more than a hundred years of archaeological excavations giving an overview of the history of the site from the Neolithic to the Karoling Age. Moreover, it presented the covert opportunities of the site according to individual conceptions, as to how it could become an archaeological park.

Conception: Orsolya Heinrich-Tamáska, Róbert Müller, Ágota Perémi, Ferenc Gyulai, Bálint Havasi, Judit Barna, Gábor Kiss

 Castellum Pannonicum Pelsonense 5



University Museum , Heidelberg

16 07 2010 – 04 10 2010

Lendava - Lendva (Slovenia)

15 03 2011 – 30 05 2011

The late antique heritage of Pannonia, 125
years of archaeological research at Keszthely-Fenékpuszta

Conception: Orsolya Heinrich-Tamáska

 Castellum Pannonicum Pelsonense 5

Tirgu Mureş - Marosvásárhely

15 11 2013 – 09 02 2014 Museum of Mureş County

The Late Roman fortification at Keszthely-Fenékpuszta:
half a millennium of history by Lake Balaton

Conception: Orsolya Heinrich-Tamáska, Ágota Perémi

 Castellum Pannonicum Pelsonense 5